Monday, October 1, 2007

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Monday, September 17, 2007 hacked = awesome

"Why is firefox blocked?Because some douche wants to infect your computer with popups, search bars and endless ads, the same kind of douche that made you get Firefox in the first place because of horrific popups, search bars and endless ads."Screenshot on flickr in case they fix it:

Digg - The Pictures Section!

FINALLY!! Well, almost..

Images That Changed The World?! [AWESOME PICS]

These images are NOT intended to offend anyone; We need to learn from past events other wise we will keep repeating history. There are so many past events that we must never forget about.....

Digg's picture of the Year [PIC]

With all the iPhone drama and unlocking drama. I felt this picture truly sums up the comedy in all this.

Digg - New Design

Title says it all.

Gonzales Has Resigned as Attorney General

Alberto R. Gonzales, whose tenure has been marred by controversy and accusations of perjury before Congress, has resigned.